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Limolo is a beautifully restored fishermen house set in Cabras, a perfect base for your culinary tour and cooking classes

particular of wall showing unfired mud-bricks


The dwelling Ventanas is entirely built with unfired mud-bricks respecting the style of the beginning of the 20th century. A contemporary salvage combines tradition with innovative materials marked by a low environmental impact.

Domu Antiga, literally “ancient house” Domu Antiga, is the ideal accomodation to experiences traditions and history

Domu Antiga

Domu Antiga literally means “ancient house”. This house is an ideal location for our experiences related to traditions, history and the surrounding territory.

Antica locanda Lunetta

Located in the heart of Mandas, once flourishing Spanish Duchy, this abode was originally a post house. At the time of animal traction transport these stations were intended to stop the coaches used to carry the mail to allow a well deserved rest to animals and drivers.