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ungrafted vines

Grafted in his vineyard

To find a wine produced from ungrafted vines (grown on their original roots ) is something rare and only possible in a few places in the world as in a tiny plot in Sardinia.

green ravioli combining innovation and tradition

The Sardinian cuisine

The Sardinian cuisine is somewhat variegated and mainly characterized by its island-status and its agropastoral culture, enriched during the centuries throughout contaminations, contacts and trades with other peoples. It is considered to be an important part of the Mediterranean diet and it was declared masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity in 2010 by UNESCO.

children carnival mask

Carnival in Sardinia

You really cannot miss the carnevale barbaricino. Their costumes and their wooden masks bring back to the prehistoric man-animal connection, and their steps, forceful and constant, rigorously occur simultaneally in order to produce the hipnotic, haunting sound of the bone-made clapper banging against the bronze of the cowbells, to stave bad spirits off.

trenino verde the old train

Trenino Verde the unhurried green sloth

According to many trenino verde‬, or green train if you prefer, remains one of the best ways of ‪‎exploring‬ Sardinia’s interior, a slow, sluggish, quiet ‪‎steam engine‬ locomotive with wooden wagons from which to breath the panorama.

Luigi Pitzalis, one of the last coppersmith master craftsman in Italy

The last coppersmith

Tasting Sardinia is working on a tour among the traditional and unique crafts of the island to be released soon, in this article we want to introduce Luigi Pitzalis the last coppersmith.