Antica Dimora del Gruccione, albergo diffuso

Antica Dimora del Gruccione a beautiful converted mansion house, the stronghold of Sardinia Slow-Food

Antica Dimora del Gruccione is an “albergo diffuso”, a beautiful converted mansion house located in Santu Lussurgiu, the stronghold of Sardinian Slow-Food.

Antica Dimora del Gruccione is the name Gabriella, the owner, gave to the hotel that was originally home to her ancestors. The gruccione is a beautiful bird that migrates in the summer to Sardinia from the tropics.

The house

The building is a 17th century mansion of Spanish design, entirely made of stone with arches, barrelled ceilings, wooden beams and ancient wrought iron throughout the structure, and furnished with confortable original antiques, many from the family of the owner. Located in the historical center of Santu Lussurgiu, a medieval village rich in traditions that is situated on Montiferru, a beautiful mountain region in the province of Oristano, the Antica Dimora del Gruccione is an albergo diffuso.

Antica dimora del gruccione, the “albergo diffuso”

This innovative style of hotel is designed to protect the characteristics of the existing ancient houses by utilizing their existing structure rather than destroying and rebuilding the buildings as hotel space. The central reception is located in the main mansion, and rooms are restored in period design but with modern connivances.


The Antica Dimora del Gruccione stresses this particular philosophy: our unique rooms, each different from the other, offer a warm hospitality rather the anonymous sameness found in many hotels. The management (still from the family of the original owners) believes passionately that a hotel is more than just a room but must also offer food of exceptional quality. The Antica Dimora del Gruccione follows the principles of Slow Food by exclusively using fresh items, products of small Sardinian companies of excellent quality, and products of fair trade. All served with warm, inviting, hospitality in their beautiful restored dining room.

Slow food

The Antica Dimora del Gruccione, is also a learning center of the University of Scienze Gastronomiche in Pollenzo (CN) and Colorno (PR), known for operating and developing alternative and sustainable tourism that respect the person, the biodiversity and the ecosystem.

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