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centenarian knitting

Golden genes

A kent’annos, meaning may you live to be 100, the traditional Sardinian greeting could not sound up-to-date anymore: with some 150 centenarians out of a population of 1.60 million the rate is curiously doubled than the usual average.

Antica locanda Lunetta

Located in the heart of Mandas, once flourishing Spanish Duchy, this abode was originally a post house. At the time of animal traction transport these stations were intended to stop the coaches used to carry the mail to allow a well deserved rest to animals and drivers.

Longevity tour

5/8 day tour. The longevity route tour gives you the possibility to experience all factors involved in the longevity process figuring out our centenarians lifestyle lifestyle was like.

minestrone soup

The centenarians meal

During the lesson you will learn the original recipe to make the vegetable fresh soup (minestrone), chickpeas salads, the thistle soup with milk, soups with potatoes and casu axedu (sour fresh cheese) and game meat just to mention a few.