The perfect base for your culinary tour and cooking classes.

Set in a small fishing village which is truly unique in the whole Mediterranean because of the variety of treasures it can boast.

The Sardinian Caviar, the Bottarga, origins from here together with the grey mullets historical fished in its lagoons since the Neolithic times (5000 BC).

The mysterious stone Giants of Mont’e Prama (IX BC), the most important recent archaeological discovery in the Mediterranean.

The extraordinary wild quartiziferous beaches made of shiny rice-shaped grains.

Limolo is a beautifully restored original fishermen house set in the old fishermen borough, also called the little Venice, opposite to Cabras main lagoon.

The house has an airy and lightfull kitchen and living room and three un-suite bedrooms which can host up to 9 people.
Its kitchen is perfect for you to take inspiring hands-on cooking lessons to make traditional dishes, which could be enjoyed under the shade of an old lemon tree in the garden.


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