Domu Antiga

Domu Antiga, literally “ancient house” Domu Antiga, is the ideal accomodation to experiences traditions and history

From the Sardinian naming itself Domu Antiga that literally means ancient house you realize why this place has a fragrance of history. This abode, amorously restored by the owners was built in the 18th century using stone, clay, wood, cork and river reeds as the most contemporary and stylish architectural trends that go under the name of eco friendly or green buildings. If to all this you combine the south orientation, as the classic rules would recommend, you obtain an ideal accomodation with a constant temperature for the whole year long avoiding some sharp seasonal fluctuations: a sort of Sardinian version of feng shui.

The surrounding

The surrounding territory is partially adjoining with the one of Antica Locanda Lunetta, yet we want to underline some particular an unique archeological aspects. The nuragic archeological site of Su Nuraxi of Barumini was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997, thanks to the architectural creativity of these ancient architects. Visiting a site that was inhabited over 3500 years ago by humans is an emotion in itself but visiting a megalithic tower that was declared a World Heritage Site is a rare and exclusive privilege.

Why choose Domu Antiga as your accomodation?

All the reasons above inspired us to choose this house as an ideal accomodation for our experiences related to traditions, history and the surrounding territory. You can learn how to cook recipes fallen into disuse, never forgotten by the elders and well preserved in our courses where we teach you also how to use the tools with which were prepared these recipes hundreds of years ago.

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