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flamingos in cabras pond

Sinis Paradise tour

5/8 day tour. Fairly far from the most widely-known and summer-crammed parts of the island, the marine protected area of the Sinis Peninsula is a world apart.

Market experience

1 day experience, part of a multi-day 3/8. It is a complete and intense experience in the largest covered fish market in Europe.

Fregola with clams and mussels sprinkled with grey mullet bottarga

I’ve always been fascinated by how many different dishes you can create using just, eggs and flour. Fregola is a sardinian couscous like rounded shaped kind of pasta the preparation of which (starting from scratch with your bare hands) is a lot of fun. Most people consider fregola with clams one of the staples in the entire cooking Sardinia tradition, especially down in the south. In the current recipe I am going to present a version of mine of the dish, varied by adding mussels and grey mullet bottarga. Simple, yet stylish this dish is a good example of balance between flavours.