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Meat, fish and vegetables

This lesson includes a considerable number of recipes, giving you the possibility to learn as much as possible about Sardinian and Italian cuisine. All the dishes prepared in this lesson are meant to be easy to reproduce at home.

Red-leafed chicory rice on pecorino slab with cardoncelli

Red-leafed chicory rice served on pecorino cheese slab with layer of cardoncelli mushrooms

The risotto with cardoncelli mushrooms is a fall first course made with the king of mushrooms: the delicate cardoncello. I made a blunder ones: I had just tried to melt down some pecorino cheese into a mould to get a nice shape to be used as a container for the rice but unfortunately it crumbled off. I should have used the grana padano for that purpose. To get a proper cheese basket you really need the right amount of fat in it. Nevertheless an idea came to my mind: keeping the cheese flat as a slab and using it as a base for something warm to make it melt a bit. Having some cardoncelli mushrooms at my disposal the line was taken, I had only to focus on the colours to make it work.