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Best Sardinia delicacies with your food expert

Travelling with Ivo, your gourmet expert and nutritionist you will understand Sardinian culture and traditions through food. Sardinian cuisine and its genuine produce are an important part of the Mediterranean diet and as such were declared masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2013. Journey throughout the amazing world of Sardinia autochthonous products such as pecorino cheese, mother yeast bread, extra virgin olive oil, grey mullet and bottarga, saffron, honey, noughts, free range and game meats, artichokes, just to mention a few. You will not only have the chance to delight your palate but you will truly enjoy hand-on cooking lessons, cheese making with the shepherds and different harvesting experiences with locals. last updated: 2019-06-11

Ancient recipes and dismissed cooking tools

It can be considered a whole cultural experience in touch with the rural environment. Based on ancient recipes some of which still cooked by our grandparents at the beginning of the last century it couldn’t avoid using the real pots and tools of the past.

minestrone soup

The centenarians meal

During the lesson you will learn the original recipe to make the vegetable fresh soup (minestrone), chickpeas salads, the thistle soup with milk, soups with potatoes and casu axedu (sour fresh cheese) and game meat just to mention a few.

cleaning fish on the rocks in a magical environment during a fish soup cooking lesson

Fish soup

In this lessons you will scrounge up all the secrets how to cook a smooth and delicious Sardinian fish soup with a huge selection of different species cooked all together in the same dish.

the whole family during home-made pasta cookery lessons

Home made pasta class

In this lesson you will learn everything you need to know about the Sardinian style and more generally about the Italian home made pasta tradition.

Meat, fish and vegetables

This lesson includes a considerable number of recipes, giving you the possibility to learn as much as possible about Sardinian and Italian cuisine. All the dishes prepared in this lesson are meant to be easy to reproduce at home.

Disgusting delicacies

In this cookery lesson we share with you a wide choice of thrill-recipes of the Sardinia culinary tradition that foodie adventurers would consider unmissable.

Market experience

1 day experience, part of a multi-day 3/8. It is a complete and intense experience in the largest covered fish market in Europe.