Meat, fish and vegetables

A mix of meat, fish and vegetables dishes to choose from according to your personal taste, seasonality and availability of local produce.

This lesson has been planned to give you a considerable number of recipes, giving you the possibility to learn as much as possible about Sardinian and Italian cuisine. All the dishes prepared in this lesson are meant to be delicious and easy to reproduce at home.

We will cook different kinds of starters, first and second courses as pasta, risotto and soups either seasoned with meat, fish or vegetables, stews, steam cooked, roasts and many more. The selection of the recipes will range from very ancient and traditional dishes to some creative and modern ideas so that you can address the lesson according with your curiosity and interest.

Moreover you have the possibility to choose among all the recipes published in this web site. I will be more than willing to share all the secrets with you in order to cook together a memorable meal.


  • The lesson includes 6 hours of hands on cooking
  • aperitifs during the lesson
  • the meal consists of about ten courses and can be based at the same time on meat, fish and vegetables or just in one of the three according with your taste and interest
  • the menu can be combined choosing among the recipes published in this web site
  • everything as wine, water, bread, fruit, cheese, dessert, coffee and liquors is included
  • you will receive the recipes of the lesson.

In our courses we are proud to use only home made products and organic food

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