Disgusting delicacies

A worth experiencing adventure while strolling up other cultures is observing what and how locals eat their food. Of course you are meant not to be fussy about it since it is obligatory, every now and then, to have a great deal of guts or a strong stomach to say the list. Recently a huge number of bizarre food tv shows has been placed on schedule with a huge success. From the advent of Andrew Zimmern, the brave American guy who bites almost everything is eaten in others cultures, the popularity of these programmes has raised considerably making a truly fashionable landmark. The food cultures from all over the world are truly diverse and some uncanny recipes can arouse sometimes a wry smile. Truth is, as weird as these dishes may appear, many, if not all of them, have deep cultural ground and are incredibly appreciated and consumed by the indigenous.

Sardinia with its particular island-status attitude is no exception. Yes, we boast a wide choice of thrill-recipes that foodie adventurers would consider unmissable. In this cookery lesson we are honoured to share with you a remarkable chunk of the Sardinia culinary tradition.

If you are brave enough we can show you how to prepare and taste the roasted trattalia, it consists of lungs, liver and heart lamb, wrapped with its pleura (sa nappa) and then braided as a plait with the intestines. We could experience together the roasted lamb head, or the tripe (bovine stomach) cooked with fresh mint and tomatoes. You may be interested in trying some boiled snails or the bigger version known as baballoccias a kind of shelled slugs baked with breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic, simply delicious!

It is a cookery course and the casu mrazzu doesn’t need to be prepared or even cooked, nevertheless I won’t leave you without giving a try to it! It is a Sardinian speciality made out of sheep cheese and I must admit locals simply get crazy about it. The direct translation is “rotten cheese” and rightly it is made of a whole shape of pecorino cheese purposely prepared to become the natural breeding ground for nests of maggots. The very skilled technique of having the shape rotten it’s a pure matter of fermentation. The cheese makers set the cheese outside and allow cheese flies to lay eggs inside of it. The larvae are breaking down the cheese’s fats and making it spreadable. Many more dishes could be described but probably it is advisable to call it a day, at least for now!


  • the meal consists of several courses according with your choice (at least 4 courses)
  • everything as wine, water, bread, fruit, cheese, dessert, coffee and liquors is included
  • you will receive the recipes of the lesson.

In our courses we are proud to use only home made products and organic food

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