Fish soup

cleaning fish on the rocks in a magical environment during a fish soup cooking lesson

Even if we are relegated in an island, completely surrounded by the sea the whole culinary tradition is influenced by the agropastoral herding environment; yes we were and in a certain way we still are defined as the land of the shepherds. On the other hand, especially along the coastline we boast an incredible variety of recipes based on fish.

In this lessons you will scrounge up all the secrets how to cook a smooth and delicious Sardinian fish soup with a huge selection of different species cooked all together in the same dish.

I will teach you all the tips to recognize the freshest fish, you will learn which choice works better for a perfect combination of flavours according with what is reasonably fresh and priced. You will be well taught about the different cooking times and all the secrets in order to preserve the sauce by having the fishbones going walkabout. We will have fun making all the cleaning of up to thirty different kinds of fish. It will be a good occasion to learn how to handle and taste, shellfish as mussels and clams, other molluscs like octopus, squid and cuttlefish, local rocky fish, eels, red and grey mullets, giltheads, sea basses and much more.

The highlight of the lesson by the way it’s going to be the place: we hired a house 10 metres far from the sea! There, we will make the cleaning straight on the rocks while the waves will naturally bring the waste away. We will sip a chilly glass of vermentino white wine looking forward to enjoying the splendid dish you and me prepared.


  • The lesson includes 6 hours of hands on cooking;
  • aperitifs during the lesson
  • the meal includes a fish appetizer as marinated sardines or octopus salad (antipasto)
  • a first fish dish as pasta or risotto; the fish soup as main course
  • everything as wine, water, bread, fruit, cheese, dessert, coffee and liquors are¬†included
  • you will receive the recipes of the lesson

In our courses we are proud to use only home made products and organic food.

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