Centenarians bits of humor

centenarian in his courtyard

This pictures were shot a couple of month ago during the last longevity‬ tour. It was a nice group and we enjoyed the experience very much. Although the schedule was rather demanding the trip ended up being quite formative and amusing. Among the other activities we went to visit Sardinian‬ ‪centenarians‬ in their houses; needless to say we just did an overwhelming discover when forced to wait for the first woman who was running errands. Yes it is entirely true, we were told by her younger son (who was something like 74 years old) that she was probably buying something to be cooked at lunch in the nearest shop, very impressive! When she managed to get back found me and the rest of the guys waiting for her in the courtyard, she greeted me politely and asked to be kissed. I fell from the frying pan into the fire: the naughty girl started shouting at her son: “this strange guy kissed me, please do something…”. It is pointless to say that everyone but me was laughing like crazy!

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