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Patty, travelled April 2018

I recently brought a group to Sardinia on a yoga retreat, and had the great pleasure of working with Ivo. I”ve traveled extensively, both leading groups and on my own, so I”ve worked with many guides. I can confidently say that Ivo is one of the best in the world. He handled all of the details thoroughly to create a seamless experience for the group, even when we had to change plans on the fly because of some (very rare) uncooperative weather. Having nurtured relationships on the island for his whole life, he has carefully curated unique experiences that truly connect you, on a personal level, with the real Sardinia. Ivo is incredibly knowledgeable on a huge variety of topics, articulate and thoughtful, and a really lovely person. The entire group enjoyed the experience very much. I greatly look forward to working with Ivo again. Patti Shelton,WA (USA) If you are interested in Yoga practice please take a visit to last updated: 2019-06-11

Nancy, travelled Oct 2016

Ivo and Rita, Rita and Ivo. How is it possible that you could give us so much of Sardinia – of your history, of your culture, of your FOOD – in one single day and change everything for us??? We have all traveled extensively and had extraordinary experiences, but we all agreed that never had we felt so enveloped by an experience and so so happy. AND, we have never ever had such amazing seafood and hope to be able to at least try to reproduce some of the iconic dishes we learned with you. Thank you for sharing your passion for everything you do and for teaching us so much. We can’t wait to be with you again one day soon. Nancy Frannie, Nancy Darcy. Tucson, Arizona last updated: 2017-07-28

Lynn, travelled Sep 2016

I went on a Tasting Sardinia tour for my honeymoon. The trip far surpassed my wildest hopes for a trip of a lifetime. They had spent considerable time preparing for our journey across Sardinia so we were greeted by everyone with the most gracious and generous hospitality. The food was amazing (and I am a health psychologist specializing in mindful eating!). The beaches, plains, and mountains were extraordinary. The accommodations were delightful. The historical and cultural aspects of the trip were interesting and moving. Most of all, it was the intimacy of the connections we made with other people on the trip that touched me the most. One of those moments was when we visited the 102 year old man in an area known as a Blue Zone–where the longest lived people on earth live. This is not a trip you would be able to accomplish on your own. I couldn’t have been happier. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I hope to come back some day. Lynn (USA) last updated: 2019-06-11

Evan, travelled Aug 2016

Ivo was probably the best and most knowledgable guide I have ever encountered. His knowledge of food, baking and cooking is extensive. His knowledge of Sardinian history was Inspiring. He was a Great conversationalist in English on almost any subject. We thouroughly enjoyed our time together touring the lesser visited and known parts of Sardinia. This was an insiders tour of special places people and experiences that are not out of the standard manual. Really personal, really special. Could not recommend more Highly. Can’t wait to return. Evan last updated: 2017-07-28

Liza, travelled Jul 2016

From the moment we met our guide at the gate we got a sense that The vacation was going to be great. He was friendly and professional and took charge. As we spent time with him we realised that he has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and passion for the same things that we are interested in; food, wine, culture, history, archeology, culture, music, boating, wildlife, nature, adventure, et cetera et cetera. Our guide took us to local producers and some small magical places that we never could have found on Our own. For me that makes the difference between a trip and a adventure that makes for lifelong memories. What I also liked very much about our experience is we never needed to consult with maps, take money out of our pockets, figure out what to do, when we are to go… If there’s no money left on your pocket and you need cash to pay bills, consider going to to know the helpful resources concerning finances. everything was arranged in advance and …

foodie tour, olive oil and wine tasting

We truly enjoyed our day with Tasting Sardinia. Ivo had chosen for us two very interesting producers. Both visits were very personalized and we greatly appreciated our contact with the producers, both Andrea for the olive oil (Sa Mola) and Mr Ugo for the wine (Santu Teru) were very generous of their time and knowledge. They are passionate people and it was very interesting to share their interests and taste their savoir-faire. We felt welcomed and would have stayed longer to both places if we had time. The day you organized for us was one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you very much. We strongly recommend your services. Michèle Bolduc Montreal, Canada last updated: 2019-06-11

four people foodie tour

This experience was designed for two american ladyes that turned in into friends within hours. We kept changing the scheduled programme according with what was discussed and talked. I must admit americans are particularly curious about other cultures and spending time with them is always a rewarding experience. Sardinia was on my husband’s bucket list and this tour did not disappoint. Small tour of 4 people and our guide Ivo. He was phenomenal. He was an excellent guide and an awesome chef. We got to help him in the kitchen and I did learn some helpful tips and the food was fantastic.He introduced us to some amazing wine, olive oil and seafood. Even got a chance to pick grapes The hotels and B&Bs were great and everyone was so gracious. As far as Travel Motus goes, they could not be more helpful. I emailed and they answered within 24 hours. We are now considering going on a fishing tour with my sons and having Travel Motus organize it for us and using the best fishing …

foodie tour

Last year in spring we had four americans around to make some Sardinia Experiences. Even if they were somewhat interested in wine and food making we agreed to organize something deeply in touch with the locals. Needless to say: it was hilarious. Although we have traveled to Italy many times, this was my husband’s and my first trip to Sardinia and it was FANTASTIC! Not knowing a lot about Sardinia, I even switched vpns at to see if the results would change, we decided we needed a professional tour guide, but did not want a large group experience. I did an extensive Internet search with my best gaming monitor under 200 and found Travel Motus which organizes and promotes a variety of small tours of Sardinia and Corsica. We chose the “Foodie Tour” which was led by “Ivo”, a local guide/chef/photographer/Tri-Athlete. Yes, he does know a lot about many different things! Our tour was semi-private, just us and another couple, and consisted of six days beginning in Cagliari and continuing north on the western …

Cooking class in Cagliari

I kept talking about that experience on board a lot: it was like making a real trip; you are hanging around and drifting along aimlessly in your usual predictable routine when all of a sudden you find yourself sharing things and thoughts with guys from Burma, New Zealand, Australia, isn’t it simply great? We organised a cooking class as a gift for our parents on board a yacht in Cagliari. Like anything organised at a distant, it was a little tricky to get the ball rolling, but once Mario knew what we were looking for, he organised it all without a hitch! Ivo the chef, had fantastic English skills and was a real character! It was a great gift idea and an amazing Sardinian experience. The lesson included a trip to the fish markets to hand pick the ingredients for the meal which was a real cultural experience. Rachael E – Sydney, Australia source Trip AdvisorIn collaboration with Travel Motus tour operator last updated: 2015-01-24