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Last year in spring we had four americans around to make some Sardinia Experiences. Even if they were somewhat interested in wine and food making we agreed to organize something deeply in touch with the locals. Needless to say: it was hilarious.

Although we have traveled to Italy many times, this was my husband’s and my first trip to Sardinia and it was FANTASTIC! Not knowing a lot about Sardinia, I even switched vpns at to see if the results would change, we decided we needed a professional tour guide, but did not want a large group experience. I did an extensive Internet search with my best gaming monitor under 200 and found Travel Motus which organizes and promotes a variety of small tours of Sardinia and Corsica. We chose the “Foodie Tour” which was led by “Ivo”, a local guide/chef/photographer/Tri-Athlete. Yes, he does know a lot about many different things! Our tour was semi-private, just us and another couple, and consisted of six days beginning in Cagliari and continuing north on the western coast which is beautiful! We stayed in two charming B&Bs Domu Antiga (My favorite!) and Hotel Lucrezia where we were welcomed and well-attended. Ivo gave cooking classes in which we could participate, preparing traditional Sardinian dishes–yum!! He also took us to a local winery for a private tour and tasting, to a local market to buy food for our dinner, to a park to see wild horses, to Sardinian ancient ruins, to an olive mill for oil tasting, to several beaches for a cool drink and an amazing seaside lunch! One of the best experiences was an impromptu lunch with a Sardinian family who were gracious and welcoming and great fun–amazing! We learned so much about Sardinia and its culture–up close and personal and still marvel at just how much we experienced in such a short time. Ivo is an amazing chef and guide and we highly recommend him. Also extremely helpful was Paola who takes care of everything from tour registration to answering any and all questions from start to finish. She’s very kind, organized, and competent and made everything so very easy for us! We definitely want to return to Sardinia and most certainly will book our next adventure with Travel Motus, Paola, and Ivo! Christina, USA

Christina S – Wilmington, Delaware

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