Truffles hunting in Sardinia Sarcidano with you dog

a dog that hunt for truffles

Treat yourself to a delightful and exclusive experience in the heart of Sardiniaat the discovery of its truffles.

No wonder Sardinia is an exceptional place for the mushroom lovers. In this exotic corner of Europe, happily and plentiful grow some of the most exquisite mushrooms of Italy, such as ovolo, gallinaccio and porcino nero, just to mention a few.  Not everybody knows though, that the very same areas, one of them being the Sarcidano, also are the ideal habitat for the renowned fine truffle.

Truffles varieties

The most widespread species is the black truffle (tuber aestivum) or black summer truffle which ripens between June and September, preferably under oaks, beeches, poplars, hazels and pines. It is known for the black peel characterized by large warts, and a pleasant and delicate smell.
There are also other varieties of these underground mushrooms, though, especially the whitebait or marzuolo (tuber borchii), which grows from January to April and is very similar, apart from its dark reddish-brown pulp colour, to the prized white truffle.
Another one is the norcia black (tuber melanosporum), which is found at the end of October and has a purplish black colour and a very dark flesh. Finally, the black winter truffle (tuber brumale) that is collected between January and March.

The woods around Laconi, capital of the historic region of Sarcidano, are a fabulous setting for mushrooms lovers. They can wander through unspoiled forests of oaks and enjoy the delightful sounds and silences of nature, possibly with the company of a loyal clever dog. Here with great patience and a bit of luck they can come across to one the most particular, mysterious and valuable products that the earth has to offer: the truffle.

These exclusive hunts are a must do for foodie lovers and those who enjoy freshly picked produce the best.

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