Trenino Verde the unhurried green sloth

trenino verde the old train

If you happen to plan a ‪‎cooking vacation‬ in ‪‎Sardinia‬ we energetically recommend to combine it with something out in the open, something deeply in harness with the still ‪‎unspoilt‬ nature. If you are not in a rush we might have an exceptional good idea: the tremendous lethargic trenino verde‬‬ or green train if you prefer.
According to many it remains one of the best ways of ‪‎exploring‬ Sardinia’s interior, a slow, sluggish, quiet ‪‎steam engine‬ locomotive with wooden wagons from which to breath the panorama.
This train is set on a ‪‎railway‬ with narrow tracks and passes through a territory rich in vegetation.

Numerous English operators programming their trips to Sardinia each year insert this suggestive attraction in their ‪‎itineraries‬ defining it “the train in the wilderness” to purposely underline the trip across a savage and ‪‎uncontaminated‬ wilderness, where the railway seems part of this landscape, together with the road mender’s house, the stations, the viaducts, and all of the railway engineering artworks. ‪‎Travelers‬ like emphasizing another important aspect of this train ride, and that is the right speed to consent the appreciation of the island landscape in every aspect, while you proceed, gingerly, in an environment unreachable by other means. There are several tourist routes that run between mid-June to mid-September but we like to highlight the one reaching Arbatax starting from Mandas; it takes more than 5 hours and you will find yourself lost in the twisting, spectacular line, crossing the remote highlands of the Parco Nazionale del Golfo di ‪‎Orosei‬ and Parco del ‪‎Gennargentu‬.

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