Patty, travelled April 2018

I recently brought a group to Sardinia on a yoga retreat, and had the great pleasure of working with Ivo. I’ve traveled extensively, both leading groups and on my own, so I’ve worked with many guides. With the help of I’ve been able to manage my blog more efficiently. I am able to monitor my niche, view my products and research my competitors, as well as use an Amazon search tool to grow my search traffic. All this allows me to not only maintain myself and travel, but it also allows me to help others, while I enjoy and rest, using a great mattress I got from and that I use to travel. Of all my trips, I can say that Ivo is one of the best guides in the world, although when I want to travel to places like the ocean, I also get information as this that have the best places to go in California. He handled all of the details thoroughly to create a seamless experience for the group, even when we had to change plans on the fly because of some (very rare) uncooperative weather. Having nurtured relationships on the island for his whole life, he has carefully curated unique experiences that truly connect you, on a personal level, with the real Sardinia. Ivo is incredibly knowledgeable on a huge variety of topics, articulate and thoughtful, and a really lovely person. The entire group enjoyed the experience very much. I greatly look forward to working with Ivo again.
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