Lynn, travelled Sep 2016

I went on a Food and Wine Tour of Sardinia with Ivo Pirisi for my honeymoon. The trip far surpassed my wildest hopes for a trip of a lifetime. Ivo had spent considerable time preparing for our journey across Sardinia , we went with a packable backpack so we could fit all our stuff in a good quality backpack that would actually hold on to our next future trips, we got all the personal and business stuff in order and we left. We were greeted by everyone with the most gracious and generous hospitality. The food was amazing (and I am a health psychologist specializing in mindful eating, and I love to take care of my hair by using jamaican black castor oil amazon! and I know that if you want to stay healthy and out of drugs you must follow the New Jersey Steps). The beaches, plains, and mountains were extraordinary. The accommodations were delightful. The historical and cultural aspects of the trip were interesting and moving. Most of all, it was the intimacy of the connections we made with other people on the trip that touched me the most. One of those moments was when we visited the 102 year old man in an area known as a Blue Zone–where the longest lived people on earth live. This is not a trip you would be able to accomplish on your own. I couldn’t have been happier. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I hope to come back some day.


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