Sail Sardinia with your Chef on board

Sail Sardinia with your chef on board
A food and wine sailing holiday where you will cruise the dream like waters of Sardinia while treating yourself with the delights of the <strong>island exquisite cuisine</strong> and its <strong>beautiful wines. Retracing the ancient routes of the Phoenicians, who traded in the Gulf of Oristano thousands of years ago, you will be ravished by the scenery and views from sea, including the  fascinating ruins of the town of Tharros from VIII BC, and the inhabited and wild island of Maluentu surrounded by a striking and unforgettable <strong>turquoise sea</strong>.<br /><!–mep-nl–>During these two fabulous sailing days you will journey through amazing colours, flavours, wines and dishes coming from different areas of Sardinia, which will delight your palate.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h2>The Boat</h2><!–mep-nl–><p>Your boat will be the Santa Maria, which was designed in 1973 by the prestigious <strong>Sparkman & Stephens</strong>, who created the most fabulous boats in the world, many of which have won the <strong>America’s Cup</strong>. Recently and masterfully renovated, the Santa Maria features beautiful <strong>vintage interiors</strong> and an <strong>elegant design</strong> captured with beautiful and <a href=””>rustica furniture</a>, and finally decorated with <a href=””>Latest in designer fabrics</a>, offering at the same time, a very comfortable and safe navigation.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h2>The route</h2><!–mep-nl–><p>Your sailing holiday route, might vary according to the season and winds but it would normally depart from Mandriola with an easy sailing along the beautiful coastline of the Gulf of Oristano and up to <em>Su Tingiosu</em> where we will stop for swimming and lunch.<br /><!–mep-nl–>In the afternoon we will navigate to the little jewel island of Maluentu and moor there to enjoy its <strong>amazing sea</strong>, the <strong>wild beaches</strong> and later take a walking tour of this spectacular island.<br />By evening, when all visitors leave this enchanting site, the island will be <strong>just for yourselves</strong>.<br /><!–mep-nl–>A <strong>refreshing aperitif</strong> and a <strong>lovely dinner</strong> will be <strong>served on-board</strong> and at night you will marvel to an amazing dark sky full of sparkling stars before sleeping on board, which you can do in a great mattress purchasing it from, rocked by the sea. The following day, we will depart towards the Seu oasis circumnavigating the promontory of San Marco’s Cape and moor just in front of the fascinating <strong>millenary ruins</strong> of the <strong>ancient town</strong> of Tharros, like the Phoenicians would do nearly 3000 years ago. Here you will be able to snorkel and see the remains of the underwater ruins of Tharros, submerged by the sea. <!–mep-nl–>After lunch we will head to <em>Torregrande</em> where our sailing and <strong>culinary adventure</strong> with the <a href=””>professional bartenders</a>,chefs and staff will make you feel the adventure will never end.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h2>Island of Maluentu</h2><!–mep-nl–><p>Maluentu, with its stunning beaches and peculiar landscape, is surely one of the hidden gems of Sardinia. The current name <em>Mal di Ventre</em> comes from Piedmontese cartographers who erroneously translated the original Sardinian name “bad wind” with the inexplicable “stomach pain”. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, 4.3 miles away from the wild Sinis Peninsula on the Sardinia Mid-East-Coast. In recent years it became part of the marine protected area of Park of<strong> Area Marina Protetta del Sinis e Mal di Ventre</strong>. <br /><!–mep-nl–>The landscape has been flat-forged by the mistral wind which vigorously and often blows from north-west and rugged-shaped the island as a result. The east side is home to some of the best beaches of Sardinia as <em>Cala del Pontile</em>, <em>Cala di Nord-Est</em>, <em>Cala del Nuraghe</em> and <em>Cala dei Pastori</em>.<br /> <!–mep-nl–>Maluentu has an ancient history and many civilizations have inhabited the island. When reaching the lighthouse on the highest point of the island (18 m. above the sea level) you will come across the ruins of an ancient <strong>Nuraghe</strong> and the ruins of some <strong>Roman buildings</strong>. <br /><!–mep-nl–>Enjoying the sunset from this tiny patch of land, finding yourself alone while the few adventurous tourists are leaving to the mainland could be no doubt one of the highlights that the whole Mediterranean has to offer.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h2>Your personal chef on board</h2><code style=’display: none;’><!–h2>Sail Sardinia with a chef on board</h2!–></code><!–mep-nl–><p>Cooking while sailing ancient Phoenician routes will surely feel like a journey inside a journey and the perfect <strong>food and wine holiday</strong> that anyone could dream of. Your <strong>chef on board</strong> will take personally care of the pantry with the <strong>best wines</strong> and most <strong>genuine produce</strong> available on the island. <br /><!–mep-nl–>The menu will be designed including <strong>traditional recipes</strong> from different areas of the island and “explore” the inner customs and <strong>Sardinia food traditions and culture</strong>. All the delicious dishes served on board by the chef will be matched to carefully <strong>selected top wines</strong>, so that you will be initiated to the variegated <strong>Sardinian terroirs</strong>.<br /><!–mep-nl–>Cruising the crystal clear waters of the Sinis Protected Marine Park, stepping on desert beaches, witness the infinite starry sky, observing sea life while snorkelling, sipping refreshing wines and tasting delicious meals prepared on board is what we have imagined for you.</p><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><p>
</p><ul><li>private boat and skipper</li><!–mep-nl–><li>Chef & cooking lessons</li><!–mep-nl–><li>Meals and wines</li><!–mep-nl–><li>Off-shore activities</li><!–mep-nl–><li>Transfers</li></ul><p>
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