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Travel Sardinia with your sommelier

Travel with Michele, our knowledgeable sommelier and tourist guide throughout Sardinian wine terroirs. Visit beautiful vines, growing in different soils of the island and fascinating niche cellars. Meet the producers, learn their secrets and savour delicious wines pairing them with local delicacies. Depending on your interests the experience will be combined with other activities such heritage, nature or food related tours. last updated: 2016-07-27

Best Sardinia delicacies with your food expert

Travelling with Ivo, your gourmet expert and nutritionist you will understand Sardinian culture and traditions through food. Sardinian cuisine and its genuine produce are an important part of the Mediterranean diet and as such were declared masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2013. Journey throughout the amazing world of Sardinia autochthonous products such as pecorino cheese, mother yeast bread, extra virgin olive oil, grey mullet and bottarga, saffron, honey, noughts, free range and game meats, artichokes, just to mention a few. You will not only have the chance to delight your palate but you will truly enjoy hand-on cooking lessons, cheese making with the shepherds and different harvesting experiences with locals. last updated: 2016-07-27

rolled red ox

Montiferru Bue Rosso

This travel story belong to a foodie tour in Montiferru area where we experimented a particular flavour combination of Bue Rosso meat and Casizolu cheese

a vernaccia wine producer sipping some wine in his own unfired mud-bricks cellar

Vernaccia wine cellars route

1 day experience, part of a multi-day 3/8. Meet Vernaccia producers in their astonishing unfired clay cellars while having wine tasting. Visit the oldest vineyard in the Mediterranean area and the Contini winery.

Sinis Paradise tour

5/8 day tour. Fairly far from the most widely-known and summer-crammed parts of the island, the marine protected area of the Sinis Peninsula is a world apart.